Friday, January 20, 2012

My first 10 days in the UK

Hiya !

Today is my 10th day here, in Teddington, a very nice city located in Greater London, approximately 20min far from the very centre of London by train. I thought it was time for me to tell you a bit about my life and activities here !

I have the chance to be hosted by very nice people from my family who have been living here for several years already. Even if the mother is French, everybody talks to me in English, which is really good for my practice of this language.

The house is located, as I wrote just before, in Teddington (in the Middlesex (what a wierd name for a region !))

The city is not really big at all, but it's so close to other similar cities such as Kingston or Richmond that it gives the impression of being a huge metropolis. This makes the phrase "Greater London" even more relevant.

A part of Broad Street, Teddington's main street
I don't have anything in particular to tell about Teddington and the neighbour cities I went to. They embody perfectly what we can expect of a good suburb : very well linked with the capital city, and urbanised enough not to lack of anything at all.

Another picture of Broad Street in Teddington... featuring two buses ! Woohoo !

Of course, I also went to London ! Contrarily to Paris, it is not stressful at all ! Even if the underground network is a real mess in my opinion, everything looks quiet yet amazingly dynamic. Obviously, I have not had the chance to see everything for the moment (as I had to find a job), but I managed to go to Camden Town (better than heaven for the rocker that lies in me !) and around London Waterloo train station (the London Eye looks so scary from the ground... I don't even want to imagine the view at the top of it...)

(I'll upload some pictures later)

Hmm, what else to say about England... well, apart from the style of the different buildings and houses, the double-decker buses, the fact that people drive the other way round, and all the other typical cliché stuff, what strikes me the most is... the people ! Everybody is SO nice everywhere ! When you ask for help to somebody, he won't let you go until you get perfectly how to get to the place you were looking for, for example. Also, in public transports or in shops, people look far more friendly and gentle than in Paris or Lyon (I can only talk about something I know so sorry if I keep comparing everything to those two cities). This is very pleasant.

It is also funny to see all those " "French" " cafés and restaurants that have absolutely NO link with French food or customs (for example, it is possible to order a "French Kebab" in a "French Café" in Teddington). I didn't know France was used that much as a selling point !

Anyway... There is a lot to say about how life is like here, but it cannot be explained well enough with words : you have to live it. It is not THE most unique and exotic place in the world, but the differences with France are really interesting. Greater London is not a new world for me, it's just like an upgraded version of mine !

Next time, I'll post an article about my internship here ! ... well, only if I succeed in finding a job (which is very unlikely to happen, judging from my recent researches...)

じゃね !

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