Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hiya !

Today, while wondering about what to write in my first article, I decided to make another blog instead of the one we made in class during the first semester.

Why ? Because I prefer blogger. It's really easier to use, both for the readers and for me. The layout is also easier to modify (I swear I'm not a maniac). Anyway, here's my new blog !

The name of this blog is actually a play on words with "Gaikokujin" (外国人), which means "person from outside of the country", and "Japan".

You may wonder why there is so much pink everywhere ? It's because I'm going to Kyoto during spring, which means I'm going to arrive during the cherry tree blossom season !

I will keep it updated as best as I can with pictures, videos and articles about my short stay in England and, above all, my university semester in Japan (which is pobably going to be the best experience of my life !).

Feel free to read all the articles that may interest you : If you don't want to read everything or if you just want to focus only on a kind of topic, you can skip some articles or even all the ones that are related to my internship in England, for example. Just be sure to select the good labels or the good period of time (on the right of the blog). If you want to read the articles as they are published, you can suscribe to this blog, or just come back everyday to see if there's something new !

Do not hesitate if you have any question regarding my stay abroad ! I'll try to answer you quickly.

じゃね !

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