Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Back from the UK !

Hiya ~

This is it ! I came back to France one week ago after two amazing months in England.

At first, I have to say it has definately been one of the most interesting experience in my life ! I've been able to discover a new city, with its own customs and cultural feats, its friendly and sometimes fanciful population, and all the small things that make London and its boroughs a pleasant place to visit and to live in. Also, I've had the chance to spend really good moments with people from my family in England, when looking after their children or simply living along with them everyday. Last but not least, working as a volunteer in All4Kids has also been an unforgettable experience, thanks to my teammates and the good atmosphere they've been able to set up in the shop. Thank you London !

Tower bridge by night, the perfect London cliché photo !

From a linguistic point of view, I can't tell this stay in London has been a blessing for my English.
Of course, now, It's far easier for me to understand when native speakers talk to me in English ! When I arrived in Teddington, it was really hard to understand when people were talking to me (even if I could understand a movie in English without any subtitles... how strange !), but now, I can get what people say without any problem.
The remaining problem is... My oral English ! I even feel like I'm worse than before at speaking in English ! The problem is that I've been taught to use formal (or at least gramatically correct) English since I'm ten, and that in England, people often use slang or use different expressions I'm not used to hearing or saying when they talk to each other (as we would obviously do in France). Because of that, it has been quite hard to talk fluently, because I didn't know if I had to use formal English or if I had to adapt my speech to my audience (I even missed my words for really basic sentences because of that). Anyway, 2 months is maybe not long enough to become a fluent English speaker. I think I'm going to improve more when I'm in Japan by talking to many other students and by following courses in English !

Bye bye London !

Now that I'm back to France, I have to get ready to go to Kyoto !! I'm trying to learn Japanese everyday, even if I've been quite busy recently due to personal reasons. I can't wait !

I'll post my next article when I'm there... I still can't believe I'm FINALLY going to go to Japan ! More that a mere childish dream, going there is the main purpose of my entire life !

Bye bye !

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