Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 1 : arrival in Japan

....... I just still can't realise what happened yesterday !!

First, I overcame my fear of taking the plane, and then, after 12 hours of suffering over the clouds... I finally landed on the country of my dreams !!

I still have not realised I've reached those two goals in so little time. Maybe in one year, haha !

Anyway, it's time to recap what happened to me yesterday (I mean, today, the 30th of march in Japan, because I arrived there at 8:30am !)

After the plane arrived at Osaka Kansai International Airport, he first this I had to cope with was the police (sorry for this bad joke) and the customs... and it took about an hour. Luckily, I've been able to reach my shuttle to the university campus on time.

Highway to Kyoto \m/

The trip took about 2 hours, so I was able to take some pictures of the landscape by the window... and it was quite an experience ! At the beginning, I could only saw the sea (because the airport is actually on the water), but as I went through the land, I began to see some fishing places and industrial areas, small towns, flat fields and other areas until reaching Kyoto. It was quite amazing to see all of those places ! They all looked so different from France ! I had never seen so many plants and factories stuck to each other in such a limited space. However, in Kyoto, everything looked more traditional, which was quite nice to see.

A random photo I have taken in the shuttle

When the driver finally brought me to the I-House (the place where all the international students of the university live), I've also been quite surprised by what happenned there ! All the other international students who had already arrived there came to present themselves one by one in Japanese to welcome me. That was quite unexcpected to see them doing that "that" way, but it really showed me that I was not in my country anymore !

This is also how I met Lee, my roomate, a chinese student who has been living in Japan for 1 year already. He showed me our bedroom, and helped me to set up everything.

After that, I had... nothing to do ! Our course registration days are on the 2nd and the 3rd of April, so, until then, ひまです (I have free time) ! First, I went shopping with other students to buy food and survival stuff like shampoo. We had to take a free shuttle bus to go there. I bought the strict minimum for the moment (rice, meat and fish) because I didn't know how I would manage my meals in the future, with all the other students.

While waiting for the bus...

When we came back, everybody was on their computer or talking to each other in different languages. I tried to talk Japanese as best as I could, but I'm really really far from being able to follow a conversation or simply to... use verbs. I'm really not ready. I thought it would be the case for the other people too, but they all seem to be really good at speaking Japanese. Some of them are even already fluent ! It's really difficult for the moment, so I use English a lot... I hope It's goning to be better when I begin Japanese courses here, next week.

Anyway, the rest of the day was pretty the same until I went to sleep. We talked a lot, used our computers a lot, ate all together for the dinner to get to know more each other... Corentin and I also told them that we are going to cook French food for everybody next week ! The others were pretty reluctant when we showed them a picture of Quenelles or Cuisses de grenouille, but I'm sure they'll like our crèpes and our gratin dauphinois !

Today, I woke up really late... I slept during 14 hours ! And it's pouring outside, so I don't know what we're going to do. I just know that there's going to be a party with everybody !

See you soon !

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