Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 13 : Guitar and Gyoza party

My 13th day in Japan was a Wednesday... which means : no class !

Even though it was very rainy that day, I've had quite a pleasent surprise when I woke up... I received the guitar I ordered the day before (I did not mention that, but yes, I bought a guitar in Japan) ! I was so excited that I played all the morning... I hope I'll be able to find other band members and make a concert at the university during my stay in Kyoto !

I spent the rest of the day working a littlebit more on my kanji and my grammar to be more prepared for the upcoming japanese classes (and also because I need to be good at Japanese to talk with more people easily).

In the evening, the Japanese students of the I-House organized a Gyoza party. At 6pm, everybody went to the 2nd floor to prepare some Gyoza before cooking them.

This time, I'm not the photographer !

When everything was finished, we had to wait until everything was cooked and finally, we've been able to eat our creations !

Yummy isn't it ?

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