Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 14 : Hanami in the University

On that Thursday, I've had 2 classes : one Japanese class focused on oral Japanese in the morning, and a course about Japanese economy in the afternoon. I couldn't find the right building so I had to ask the other students where I had to go... but they also didn't know where was the building I was looking for ! In the end, one of my classmates called me and explained me how to reach the classroom. In this class, we mostly had to repeat what the teacher was reading or writing. I think this course is very useful, because we're still used to thinking and speaking with our mothertongue or with English.

After that, we still had time before the next class, so we decided to enjoy the weather and to take some pictures of those amazing views. On the first pictures of the I campus I put on this blog, we can see trees without flowers... This is how it looked 1 week after :

I just wonder how the Japanese do not to skip classes just to see that. Even if those are only trees, it's enough to let the magic take place. It was purely wonderful. Corentin (the other French student) and I stayed there to do our homeworks while our two other classmates went somewhere else, and when we finished, we decided to go to eat in a Pasta restaurant in the campus. Luckily, there was nobody eating on the balcony, so we took a sit there and enjoyed the magnificent view of the mountains and the surroundings.

Then, it was time to go to our Japanese Economy course. In this class, as always, there was a lot of Japanese students who couldn't understand a single English word. However, this time, the teacher didn't care about that and sometimes translated what we were doing so they could follow the lesson. During this class, we tried to depict how Japan's economy was like right after WWII by using different documents and discussing with the teacher about what we knew from our past studies. It was very interesting, and the course was quite lively and pleasant to follow. At the end, we watched the beginning of a movie which takes place in the era we were talking about. Just as it began to become interesting, the teacher stopped it and told us "you have to watch it later and write a report about it for the 26th of April"... This course could not be perfect from the beginning to the end, haha ! Anyway, I'll try to do it as best as I can.

There was at that time only one day left before the so awaited week end !

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