Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 15 : Japanese listening class, a restaurant and another karaoke

Because our only class of the day was at 10h45, I could sleep for a long time... and forget to get up. I ran as fast as I could and arrived a bit late for my Japanese Listening class. It was a lot focused on the oral practice of Japanese, which was not a bad thing ! This time, the teacher gave us our first homeworks for the monday : learning some kanji and doing some written homeworks in our workbooks.

A random photo I took that day, because the campus is always beautiful no matter where you take a picture... even from an elevator !

When the course was over, we ate at a restaurant and came back to the I-House. I began to do my homeworks, but then, I felt like going shopping... because my fridge was empty. Instead of doing so, with other guys from the I-House, we decided to go to a restaurant before going to the karaoke at 10pm.

I was expecting to have a menu with pictures to choose what I wanted to eat, as the last time I went to that kind of restaurant... but there was nothing. In the end, Corentin (the other French student who lives in the I-House) Jo Jo (a Korean student) and I chose to eat ramen with meat, while Tobi (a German student) chose to eat rice... only !! Actually, nobody understood what the cook was saying to us, so we just said yes when he was proposing something to us ! It was quite fun, although we asked something else to eat for our poor Tobi !

Yummy !

After that, we came back by shuttle bus and we went to the Karaoke for 2 hours. Unfortunately, I was still a bit sick, so I couldn't sing well this time... even if I tried to sing Rosier from the Japanese band Luna Sea, a great moment !

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