Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 17 : back to the path of philosophy and more hanami sightseeing at Nanzenji Temple

On sunday, when the sun is shining and that you have no homeworks to do, what is the best thing one can do ? Going out ! (please, don't call me Captain Obvious)

Since some other students of the I House were planning to go to the path of philosophy on that day, I thought it would not be a bad idea to accompagny them since I really wanted to go back there when the sakura would be in full bloom ! But before going there, I needed to buy something : a bike ! The day before, Corentin bought his in a small shop for only 5000¥. I asked him to tell me where he did so to buy mine. After some researches, I've been able to finally get it !

Even if I'm leaving in less than 4 months, I think it will be easy to sell it before leaving since I got it brand new for really cheap !

Then, since we had some time before the rendez-vous with the others, we went to a student restaurant for lunch. There, I ate the biggest meal in my life :

THE MEGA KATSUDON-student version- (now I understand why Aki and Jo only bought one to share it !)

After that, we went to the Kamigamo shrine and met the others around 1pm. Since some of them were not with us yesterday, I visited it again with them quickly !

Hi cheeese ~

Then we left and rode with our bikes along the Kamogawa river, also like the day before !

We could see the Daimonji-yama from there ! Every summer, during the Daimonji festival, this kanji is set on fire ! Unfortunately, I'll be back to France before seeing this amazing event :(

As soon as we arrived at the path of philophy, I directly noticed how better it was this time ! The sakura looked like big pink clouds with all their flowers ! The most surprising event of that day was to see all the petals flowing with the wind, and above all... this :

The water canal was, at some places, full of sakura petals ! it was outstanding !

Here is a little video I shot with my camera. Sorry, YouTube killed the quality...

Once we finished walking along the path of philosophy, and after we finished eating our ice creams (I got a sakura ice cream, it was delicious haha), we headed towards a place I had never been to : Nanzenji Temple. As always since I arrived in Kyoto, I also loved this place a lot.

Hiya !

I really enjoyed this day too ! Unfortunately, it was already the end of the week end...

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