Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 18 & 19 : Class days

The monday began with a Japanese vocabulary test about the lesson we quickly did last week with all the 4 teachers. It was quite an easy test so I hope all of them will be like that since there is one planned for each week. After that, the teacher reviewed with us the kanji we had to learn for that day so we could ask questions or simply learn them more.

Then, in the afternoon, I had my Japanese Business and Management class. This time, we also did not actually work on the topic of the class : we had to discuss with one of our classmates about the different barriers that could prevent foreigners tu understand Japanese economy. It was quite interesting ! Almost every group told that the language differences was the hardest fact to deal with, but some other good ideas have also been told. With my classmate, a Japanese girl from Okinawa, we came to think that the most important barrier was the difference of behaviour of people by expressing themselves. Whereas in France, for example, when people hide what they really think by saying "yes, it's okay" when something is going wrong everybody keeps asking questions and wants to know the real truth, in Japan, people just don't care and believe what their interlocutor wants them to believe. This is obviously just an example.

The day after, we began with the Japanese class, and then, we finished with the Japanese Culture and the Japanese Technology class.

I have to say I really regret to have chosen the Japanese Culture class... during 30 minutes, the teacher asked us to present ourselves in Japanese to the class... this is the first thing we learned, and we all could do that since quite a long time already. Turn by turn, we stood up and did so. After that, the course began... and all I did was trying not to fall asleep. This course is about shrines and temples in Kyoto and their history, and the teacher is a touristic guide. Mix those two facts and you get a course during which you only look at a map of a temple and listen to the teacher reciting her speech about it... Oh, sorry, I also forgot that we also had to read a text in two versions : one that was written from a historical point of view, and another that was about the same topic, but written from a religious point of view... Only 2 sentences were different, and reading the text took 10 minutes. Anyway, I'll stop talking about this, I'm French and I know it, so I'll stop complaining about this lesson !

The Japanese Technology class was far better that the first lesson ! I knew we were not going to talk about Japan, but even without that, it was quite cool, because the class offers a lot of opportunities to talk in English and discuss about some facts, which involves argumentation and reflection.

After I finished the class, I came back to the I House and finished my day without anything important to say ! I'm not sure it was a good idea to write something for each day I spend here ! Maybe I'll only write about my extra-school activities in the future !

See ya !

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