Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 2 : Sukiyaki and tatami party, a bit of sightseeing round the dormitory and my first self made meal

Hiya !

It's time to write a recap of my second day in Japan !

During my first night in the I-house, I slept 14 hours because of jet lag ! I woke up around 11 o'clock... I thought I would be the only one to be so "late", but when I saw that everybody else was having their breakfast or still wearing their pyjamas at this time, I felt relieved !

At first, I didn't know what to do, so I simply tried to talk with people, while learning a bit of Japanese with my computer software.

When I wanted to have lunch, around 2pm, I asked somebody to teach me how to cook rice the Japanese way. They use a weird machine to cook it, and it takes about 1 hour for a meal, which is pretty long compared to the French rice cooking ! Here is a picture of my first self made meal in Japan... tadaaa !

I know that it's forbidden to do that with chop sticks, but it was for the picture haha

After lunch, because of the rain, I stayed a littlebit on my computer like everybody else, but I quickly got bored. I sent emails and called people in France to get some news and tell them about my adventures.

Around 4pm, the weather got better, so I asked to other students if they wanted to go out for a walk.
It has been an interesting way of exploring the surroundings of the I-House. We went to the closest kombini (convenience store), a japanese supermarket, and we also walked around just for sightseeing. the landscape was really beautiful ! Since the I-House is located in the north of Kyoto, we can easily see the mountains and the forests.

But after an hour, it started rainig again, so we came back to the I-house.

In the evening, there has been a sukiyaki party with everybody in the I house. There are various Japanese dishes on the table (like meat, tofu, noodles, vegetables...), and you have to pick whatever you want, mix it with raw egg in a bowl, and then eat until you're fed up ! The concept is quite strange... The idea of eating a raw egg was a bit disgusting at first, but it ended up being quite tasty !

While preparing the sukiyaki

After that, we all went to the tatami room of the I-house. We put some music, drank a little bit, and above all, had a lot of fun ! I couldn't understand a single word people said in Japanese, but it was still great to live such an experience !

Overall, it has been quite a nice day ! I thought I would only do nothing because of the rain, but in the end, I've had a lot of fun, I've been able to improve a littlebit my Japanese and to get to know the other people more.


  1. plante pas tes baguettes dans le riz tu vas attirer de mauvais esprits lol Sinon les paysages sont vraiment magnifiques, c'est vraiment une bonne chose que tu sois excentré :d