Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 20 : Shimogamo jinja and... Crêpe party !

On that wednesday, other students of the I-House and I went to Shimogamo Jinja, another of the numerous shinto shrines of the city. On the way, when we rode along the Kamogawa river, we could see that Hanami was reaching its end, because a lot of petals were gone, leaving their place to green leaves...

 Before entering the shrine, we walked through a nice little forest inside the city of Kyoto, just next to the Demachiyanagi train station. Once again, this place was also really beautiful ! I don't know why, but even if all the buildings I saw since I arrived look approximately the same, I always feel good when visiting them.

San, ni, ichi, pauuuse !

After we came back, it was time for Corentin and I to prepare crêpes for the... Crêpe Party ! Indeed, we decided to organise this event to thank everybody for organising other parties like the ones I told you about before, and above all, to show how French crêpes taste ! Unfortunately, Coco was feeling really bad, so he had to take a taxi to go to the Hospital. The problem is that... the majority of the ingredients we bought was in his room ! I had to rush and ask other people if they could lend me some milk and flour, and we finally managed to cook delicious crepes for everybody !

Apparently, nobody knew that in France, we could also eat crêpes with ham and cheese!

Next time, we'll have to prepare many more crêpes, everybody loved them !

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