Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 21 & 22 : Class days

On thursday, I've had a Japanese Oral class in the morning and a Japanese Economy class in the afternoon.

During the Japanese Oral class, we obviously talked a lot, repeating the sentences the teacher was reading or asking / answering questions orally.

The Japanese Economy course was once again really interesting. As we were talking further more about Japan's reconstruction and the health of its economy after WWII, the teacher often asked us some questions about the situation in our countries (even sometimes unrelated with the era we were talking about, like the age of retirement, nuclear energy issues...) so we could compare with each other.

The day after, I only had a Japanese class before my week was over.

The rest of the day, I stayed at the I house because of the horrible weather. By the window, I just took a picture of the only Sakura tree we have here, to show you that this was it : Hanami was over :(

At least, I've been able to enjoy it in various places and with many people, so I'm really happy to have realised this dream !

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