Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 23 : BBQ with Japanese people

Like the welcome party that was held at the beginning of the semester, the second event organised by the student assiociation "FRIENDS" was a BBQ for Hanami with many Japanese students curious about foreign cultures and all the students of the I-House. Unfortunately, Hanami was already finished in Kyoto, and the weather was horrible, so we had to cope with the wind and the low temperature while staying there.

While the majority of us went there by bike, Jo, Corentin and I took the free shuttle bus because both of them had left their bike quite far from the I-House.

There, it was really surprising, but as I expected : a lot of Japanese students were sat down on blue clothes and waiting for us, while some other were preparing food for everybody.

I went to a random place and sat down with other students. After that, turn by turn, everybody introduced itself to the other people that were "in the same group" (we were about a hundred so we couldn't be all together). And after that...... almost nothing. The Japanese people were not saying anything. It was so surprising, because I was expecting them to ask questions or at least look interested in talking with foreigners. Instead, they were just looking at us and eating their food, speaking a littlebit and then stopping forever. I tried to launch some conversations but it was quite hard sometimes, especially with girls ! The Japanese population is really interesting ! Something else shocked me : when I finished talking with the same group of people, I decided to go in another group, but nobody was willing to talk to me until I told them that I was French, because they thought I was American. This is also quite outstanding ! Japanese people seems to be so scared or not at ease with foreigners, but there's an exeption with France. Actually, I'm sure that Japan is the best country on earth to be French, haha ! I didn't count the number of pictures I have taken with Japanese people just because I'm French !

After changing groups quite a few times, I finally managed to talk a littlebit with many different people, which was a blessing for my oral Japanese level ! At the end of the day, I felt more confident and at ease while talking in Japanese.

In the end, I met really nice and interesting people there ! I'm longing to attend the next event !

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