Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 25 & 26 : Class days

On Monday, as always, I had a Japanese course and a Japanese Management and Business course. During the latter, we finally began to study about the "real thing" : we began with a short history of Japanese trade and business with foreign countries, which was also quite interesting. I didn't know that at first, Japan only allowed foreigners to come on a tiny island to communicate with them ! This is quite an interesting way to regulate immigration and trade !... But that's obviously not the only thing I remember of this class, I promise !

At the end of the day, other students and I went to the computer toom and watched a movie about Japan's economy after WWII because we had to write report about it for Thursday's economy class.

After the movie was finished, I decided to write my report not to loose my time (time is running out...). What we exactly had to do was to compare the economy of Japan as it is depicted in the movie with the situation nowadays. The fact is that we had to do so... in only 800 words, which is REALLY short to talk about such a thing ! This is why I think my report was a total failure !

Now, it's time to post 2 useless pictures, just for you !

A Japanese keyboard. WOAAAAAAH.

The PC on which I watched the movie with the other students. No matter where you are, Windows will always take hours to boot... hehehe.

The day after, the Culture class was a bit more interesting than the 2 previous lessons we had. We talked about the cultural practice of the shinto monks, and I have to say they had a really hard lifestyle ! The technology course was also more interesting than usual. Before the class, we had to calculate our eco footprint to discuss about it, and about how to reduce it, etc. The second part of the lesson was a littlebit more philosophical, with questions about happiness and its link with quality of life, economic health of the country and other facts. It was a good occasion to speak in English with people from all over the globe and discuss about our respective ideas ! For the week after, my homeworks were to find an article and write questions for the other students. Every week, somebody else has to do the same task. Just before the course was finished, the teacher told me I had  to make a presentation about thorium 2 weeks after. That's quite early, but at least, I'll be free for the rest of the semester after that !

And now, another useless picture for you !

One of the few pictures I took that day, just to show you how overcrowded the university is at lunch time !

At 8pm, Coco and two friends of us came to the I House with a Wii, so we played Mario Kart during many hours with other students of the I House. Entertainment is a worldwide language !... but being Japanese seems to help a lot at being good at playing video games ! Japanese people seem to be skilled even if they don't know the game, haha !

After that, we decided to go to the Karaoke to end the night, and as always, it's been really amazing !

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