Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 5 : Back to the KSU for the course registration, the welcome party and ... a Karaoke !!

First of all, sorry for being slow... finding the time to update a blog is a really hard task when you're spending the most amazing days in your life !

Anyway, here's what happened during my 5th day in Japan.

After my super night in the capsule Hotel, I had to go back to the Kyoto Sangyo University for the end of the orientation classes, so I had to hurry. On the way, I took tome pictures of Osaka... it's far less impressive than at night, but anyway, here are 2 sample pictures:

The live house was on the 4th floor of this gigantic shopping mall

During the night, it was so crowded that I couldn't see anything but lights and people !

Osaka is really different from Kyoto. It's much like what I would expect from Japan : futuristic with still a traditional touch everywhere, crazy but always well organised and consistent, and above all, surprising.

Here is a picture of the subway map and ticket-buying machines in Osaka :

It looks hard at first, but it ended up being quite easy to use !

After I finished dealing with the train and the rain, I managed to come back to the KSU. I have had an interview in Japanese, but it has been a real mess ! I could only survive with my Japanese level at that time, not talk with somebody, even about simple topics... So it was not a surprise to me.

At lunch, we went to the same restaurant as the day before, and after that, it was time for us to receive our class schedules for the Japanese courses + the other courses taught in English. I am required by my school to take at least 3 courses a week here, but I think I'll try to have 4 Japanese courses + 4 courses taught in English a week, just in case... and also because they look interesting. Then, I'll see what I'll do.

When we got all the important papers and directions from the teachers, the new exchange students have all been invited to a welcome party organised in the afternoon by "Friends", a circle of Japanese students who learn English organise different events with Japanese and foreign students throughout the year.

This welcome party has been really interesting. A lot of Japanese people came to talk to me because I'm French ! Some of them even tried to speak in French with me, it was quite funny. I've been able to meet many different people there !

After the party, we came back to the I-House... and I was so tired after all those events ! But it was not the end of the day yet : at 8pm, we went to the... karaoke ! This seems to be a real custom here, in Japan. We were about 20 people from the I-House in a small karaoke room, and we sang songs during approximately 3 hours. I didn't know I liked singing before going there ! The atmosphere was really friendly and nice, and we've all had a great moment.

To recap, although this has been quite an exhausting day, I enjoyed quite it a lot.

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