Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 6 : Alien registration, walking in the streets of Kyoto, and getting a Sim card

Hiya, dear people !

Here's what I've done during my 6th day in Japan:

In Japan, when you're a foreigner and you're staying for a long time (for your studies or your job), you must comply with formal procedures before your 90th day there. This is called the "alien registration". Even though there is going to be a reform of this procedure in July, I had to do that too, like the other new exchange students of the I-House. This is why we all went to the closest ward office in Kyoto that day.

The coach brought us to a city mall called "Vivre"... yeah, it's a French word. It's is quite funny to see how French is used in Japan !

Vivre food market, in the Vivre city mall...

Shoo la rue... haha

I also saw a commercial advert on which the word "Amour" was written "Amuor", and a bag with "La semaine des 4 jeudys" written on it... French is not really stylish when it's used this way ! Anyway, they probably do not care, and I'm sure French people wear T shirts with Japanese stuff written on it that do not make any sense at all.

Walking in the streets of Kyoto...

At the ward office, it took... two hours to comply with the procedure for the Alien registration. It was very long because of all the mistakes everybody was doing while filling in the papers needed by the government (... all in Japanese). Apart from that, there, I noticed an interesting detail about how the Japanese people work (it's also the same in the KSU) : while in France, the customers can only interact directly with the staff of the reception, in Japan, there is no wall to separate the employees. Thanks to that, we could see everything that was happening in the office... and spot out who was working or not ! We even saw a guy reading a manga instead of working...

After that, we had nothing left to do but visiting, shopping or going back home... but because I am obstinate, I wanted to try to do something else : getting a mobile phone. I really wanted to get one as quickly as I could (in case I got lost or something), but to do so, I needed to have my Alien registration card... which was not the case (it takes 21 days to receive it after the end of the procedure). I went to a Soft Bank shop with a Japanese friend, and tried to convince the phone seller to let me buy a sim card for my phone. It was really really hard to convince him, even though I had all the proofs of my Alien registration and all the required information about me and my stay in Japan. When I was a phone seller in France, foreign people just needed an ID card to buy a phone and a prepaid sim card ! In England, for 5€, I was able to get unlimited access to the 3G internet with a free sim card for my phone ! Here, after 2 hours of conversation between the phone seller and 2 of my Japanese friends... I got a prepaid sim card with 60 minutes + unlimited mail for 2 months for ~30€ ... (but at least, I got it...). After I said thank you to everybody for helping me getting that, we came back to the I-House in the evening.

The rest of the day was just random, I went to the KSU to withdraw money, took some pictures, talked and had fun with everybody in the I-House...

Nice picture to end a blog article, isn't it ?


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