Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 9 : Bibimbap party and sun, at last !

As the title says, it was the first sunny day since I arrived ! But unfortunately, we were not really well prepared...
"The land of the rising sun"... okay, on the picture, it's going down, but this sentence sounded cool.

We headed to the shuttle bus station to go somewhere in Kyoto, but... the fact is that... there are no shuttle buses on saturdays.

We walked arround the I-House and the university instead, because we did not want to waste money by taking a regular bus.

The tree blossom are really late this year !

At 6pm, a party was organized by the Korean students on the I-House, so we all gathered at the 2nd floor of the I-House. It was a "Bibimbap Party" (Bibimbap means "mixed food" in Korean). What does that mean ? The Korean students spent all their afternoon preparing this dish for everybody !

Mix all of those ingredients with rice in a bowl : this is bibimbap !

Even though it was quite spicy, it was delicious ! 

After everybody finished to eat, we all went to the tatami room for a party like last time, and it was also quite amazing ! I really love that kind of parties, even if Asian people tend to become quite scary when they're drunk... haha !

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