Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 28 & 29 : Class days

Another 2 class days !

On Thursday, like every Thursday, I went to the tutor lunch at noon. I ate with my tutor and Corentin's tutor and spoke only in Japanese. I was quite happy to be understood and to understand what they were telling me without problems ! Although we didn't talk about hard to understand stuff, the conversation was quite fluid. Moreover, those guys are really nice.

For the Friday, I have nothing special to say, apart from the fact that I've had an oral test on Friday. I had to write a paper about my last week end, and then speak during 2 minutes in front of the class.

Also, since I had plenty of free time in the afternoon, Corentin, Jo and I took our bikes and went to the ward office to take our Alien Registration cards. Now, I don't need to have my ID card or my passport with me everytime I go out !

Random fact of the day : we ate a McFlurry at a McDonald's in Japan, and I noticed something that you would NEVER see anywhere else in the world. On the menu, it was written : "Smile - 0¥"........

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