Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 30 : Visual Kei event in Osaka

While everybody went for a picnic and practice sports next to the I House to enjoy the weather, I went to Osaka for another music concert with many bands I like. This time, the live house was located in the Esaka district, in the North of the city. I left the I House by bike around 1pm, ate onigiri I bought at the combini, and took a train to Osaka. Since I had plenty of free time before the show (beginning at 5pm), I decided to walk a littlebit in random streets instead of just taking the subway.

After a bit of walking, I realized that it was just as in London : the city was to huge that the distance between subway stations was really long to travel by walking. In order to arrive on time, I decided to take the subway. Unfortunately, another weird thing happened to me... When I entered the train, I just sat down normally. But then, when the train started to go forward... I noticed that I was in a Women-only passenger subway !! We were only two males in this train : A very old man and... me. I felt really embarrased ! I didn't know such things existed ! I was just to exhausted to see that before entering the subway ! Anyway, after that, I finally arrived in Esaka. It was also a nice place, quite similar to the America district near Shinsaibashi, but less "underground".

The live house was at the 5th floor or the building on the right.

Actually, it was worse than the last time : there were ONLY girls at the show. I was the only guy in the crowd. Concerning the behaviour of the crowd, it was also the same : while the people at the front is doing coregraphies depending on the songs, or just moshing, the ones at the back were just standing still or waiting for their favourite band to play.

This time, Ialso met some other foreigners there, so we could discuss a littlebit about those kind of events. The entire show lasted about 5 hours, with 6 bands playing turn by turn. I've been really happy to have to chance to see them, because one of the featured band disbanded two years ago, so it was quite a unique event !

I came back to Kyoto by train, and then took my bycicle to get to the I House.

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