Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 31 : Kaiten zushi with French speaking Japanese girls and a bit of sightseeing

On Sunday, Corentin and I had a rendez-vous with three Japanese girls who had already been studying in France for a long time, hence their good French level. Because they needed to get prepared for an oral test, we decided to go to Kyoto with them and eat sushi !

We went to the Sanjo street by bike and met them theme. Then, we went to the kaiten zushi and talked both in French and in Japanese. It was quite a nice experience ! It was too great to have the time to take pictures, sorry !

After that, we ate an Ice Cream and it was time to leave already, because both of us had nothing in our fridge...

Here's a random picture I took that day, next to the Kamogawa river. Since it was quite a sunny and hot day, a lot of people was having fun or just enjoying the weather outside.

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