Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 32 & 33 : Class days before the Golden Week

Monday the 30th of April was the official beginning of the Golden Week in Japan.

The Golden Week used to be a full week of holiday for the majority of Japanese people, but now, it has been reduced to between 3 and 5 days depending on the schools or the companies. The Kyoto Sangyo University decided to offer us the Thursday and the Friday only, but since I don't have class on Wednesdays and Saturdays, my Golden Week was quite long. Anyway, I still had to go to class on Monday and Tuesday...

But since I am talking about Japan, it couldn't have been only that easy. Since apparently, some persons have been complaining about the fact that the Thursdays and the Fridays are the most skipped days because of days off and holidays... our Monday have been "replaced" with a Thursday... which means we've had Thursday classes on Monday the 30th, but still Tuesday classes on Tuesday the 1th of May. Logical, isn't it ?...

Anyway, classes were good, as always. This time, the culture class of the Tuesday wasn't boring, it's the very first time I wasn't about to fall asleep, haha. The rest was also fine !

From 9pm on Tuesday, because I was bored, I decided to ask all the people who could talk in English to play a game in the tatami room : sometimes known as the game of the Mafia, the Village or the Werewolves of Thiercelieux, it's a game which involves being really clever and careful : The game is set in a village, with many villagers (the players). The problem is that 3 (or more) of them are werewolves. At night, each turn, everybody close their eyes, except the wolves. After that, the wolves have to point at somebody in order to kill him during the night. When the sun rises, everybody awakes, except the person who died. And now, the villagers have to discuss and agree on who to lynch on that day. A game master (who is not a player) has to organise and animate the game.

At first, some people didn't understand the rules, but after 1 or 2 games, everybody got really serious and motivated to play the game. Each time, we added new characters, such as clairvoyants or wizards, who could do different things such as watching one's card to check if somebody is a wolf or not, or to save somebody if he was killed by the wolves...

It was quite amazing to play that game with people from various countries. When I used to play this game in French with my friends and my family, it was really not as exciting as in the I House. Lying in your mother tongue is easy, but trying to convince people or to manipulate them in English is way harder !

In the end, we finished playing at... 4 am !

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