Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 35 : Kyoto Sanjo dori and Namco Wonder Tower

On this day, we went to Kyoto by train to have some fun with Tobi, Corentin and Eriko, a Japanese friend. We decided to go to the Sanjo Dori, one of the most dynalic streets in Kyoto, to go to the Namco Wonder Tower, a entire building dedicated to arcade games, pachinko and other things such as UFO catchers.

Namco Wonder Tower
This is a real geek paradise !
7 floors of video game entertainment, too good to be true !
  We played different games, but I have to say that the one who took all my money was this one :

The goal is simple : you have to shoot at zombies and pirates with your canon. The fact is that everything takes place in a cabin that looks like a boat and that moves according to what happens in the game. Maybe this is why I find this game so attractive ! Anyway, we didn't finish it this time (with 400yen each) but my goal is to finish it before coming back to France, haha.

I also didn't resist trying to get something in a UFO catcher machine... and surprisingly, I won something the first time I tried ! It's a beautiful Super Mario pocket watch. I'll keep that as a souvenir of my stay in Japan forever, haha !

Does that make me a geek ? Well, I don't care !

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