Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 36 : Osaka and Instore event

On this friday, I had to go to Osaka alone to attend an instore event of my favourite Japanese band. Because it was at 7pm, I decided to go there at 2pm to do some shopping and visit a littlebit more the surroundings of the places I already knew. However, this time, I carried my guitar with me to try to have it signed by the band... and because of that (I think, since it wasn't like that before, or at least it was not that obvious) everybody was always staring at me. It was a bit disturbing. While sometimes, I could hear some people (mostly girls) saying things like "kakkoi" or "sugeee" (cool, super) when seeing me, some others (mostly boys) were pointing at me and laughing. Being a gaikokujin in Japan is a weird experience. It's not just like racism, it's something else. Some people see you as a ""superior being"", while others really hate you. I think this is really interesting, I really want to learn more about those kinds of behaviours !

Anyway, In the end, even though I wanted to get a lot of clothes, I did not buy any of them (Osaka is heaven for apparel and fashion, this is really dangerous for people's wallet). I just bought... 2 VHS of a Japanese band I like. Yes, VHS ! Those are quite rare, so it's quite nice to have them now !

Anyway, after that, I went to my instore event. It took place in a hotel, in a small room with 50 people only (2 guys only were there, me included). The first part was a question and answer session, during which I could not understand a lot of things (even though I could get the main points of each answer), while the second one was a photo session with the band. I managed to talk with them during 5 minutes, which was amazing !

No, they are not strange at all.

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