Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 37 & 38 : rest, studies, and werewolvs game once again

During the two last days of the golden week, I decided to rest.

On saturday, I cleaned my room, took a nap, played the guitar, stayed on the computer, talked with people...

At night, with everybody, we decided to play the game of the werewolves again. But before that, Corentin, Eriko and I decided to order pizzas in the I-House. They ended up being absolutely delicious (far more than the one I ate when I was in Italy, this is sad to say !).

For the werewolves game, this time, we were even more than the other day. Once again, it was absolutely amazing. We played until 4am !

On Sunday, I woke up very late and also did almost nothing interesting during the day.

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