Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 39 & 40 : Allez viens ! Class days and foolishness

The golden week was already over ! It was time to go to class again !

On monday, in the morning, we started with our Japanese kanji class. During the 1h30 break we had after, we just sat down outside to enjoy the weather while doing our homeworks with Japanese friends.

Quite a nice place to do some homeworks, isn't it ?
At lunch, we ate with many students from the I House, and after that, I went to my Japanese Management class. This time, we worked on the keiretsu and the zaibatsu, the two types of companies that are symbols of the Japanese management success after WWII. This was, of course, quite interesting and useful.

After the classes were over, I came back to the I House and did the rest of my homeworks for the day after.

In the evening, because I was bored, I decided to do something crazy. Do you know this video ? It made a buzz last year in France... Well... actually... I decided to make a "Allez viens I-HOUSE version" ! Unfortunately, not everybody was here, and everything was very dark, so I had to cope with some limitations. Next time, I'll try to make another one ! Anyway, enjoy... or at least, try to, haha !

Later in the night, since it was the birthday of somebody in the I-house, we all went to the tatami room to celebrate it around a beautiful cake. It was also a good occasion to take beautiful group pictures (don't tell they're not !) !

Hell yeah !

Kawaii !

Tuesday was just a random class day. I have nothing really interesting to tell about it !

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