Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 41 : Yakiniku

Wednesday = No class !

However, this time, Paul Churton, the responsible for the international students program, asked us to come to a feedback meeting at 2pm with all the teachers and the students of the I House. Turn by turn, we had to present ourselves (for the 100th time since we arrived, I think !) and tell if we had any remarks about the current semester. Overall, everybody looked quite pleased and happy about how the semester was going.

For dinner, some of the people from the I House decided to go to a Yakiniku restaurant. The concept is simple : You can eat as much as you can in 90 minutes ! It was a bit expensive (about 2000 yen per person) but it was definitely worth it !

The 3 different available courses

Yakiniku !!!!!!

"Niku" actually means "meat", so almost everything we ate there was meat, even if I also took like 4 or 5 ice creams... hehe.

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