Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 44 : Shijo, Sanjo, Game center, shopping, elegant party

Since my guitar began to have some neck and string problems, I needed to go to a guitar shop to have it fixed. This is why I joined some people to go to Sanjo and Shijo dori on that Saturday. This time, I went there by bus, but it ended up being longer than going there by bike. Anyway, my guitar was too heavy to carry to use my bike, and the others didn't have their own ones.

First, we stopped at the BIGBOSS Kyoto, a huge guitar and bass shop located next to Sanjo dori to have my guitar repaired. Going there was even better than heaven for me... If I had to describe how the shop was in the inside, I would say it was just like a jungle, but with guitars and basses instead of tree leaves ! I was even able to see some of Takamizawa's guitars and other rare stuff.

Picture from the outside...
One of Takamizawa's guitars that were displayed in the shop. Some of them are really weird, but still, I think it's quite amazing ! Of course, such things can only be seen in Japan ;)
I gave my guitar to a specialist, explained him what was going wrong, and he told me everything would be fixed after... 2 hours. It was so unbelievable since I'm often used to waiting like 1 week in France for the same issue !

After that, we continued walking in some commercial streets of Kyoto to do some shopping.

Of course, I found some beautiful surprises while looking at some places...

French is so cooooooooooooool !! ....... no

It's also been the first time I went to an anime and manga shop in Japan. I've not taken any pictures... because it was too shocking and outstanding for me. It was just TOO MUCH. So much that the cashiers were wearing pink rabbit outfits. Next time, I'll take some pictures and you'll see. Anyway.

After some hours of walking an shopping, we went to the Namco Tower to play some games before coming back home.

Two friends of mine playing a taiko game... hell yeah !

In the end, I just bought a CD and a T shirt there.

We arrived at the I house at 10pm and were a bit late for... the Elegant-ish party ! What did it consitst in ? Everybody was just supposed to wear either traditional or elegant looking clothes and act as expected from any gentleman or stylish people...

But since we are in the I House, such a thing is IMPOSSIBLE !
Guess where I am... hehe

Kistch ? Yes.
After one million of camera flashes and many laughters, everybody went to the tatami room to continue the night. Just before going there, I noticed that I finally received a parcel from my family. Amongst a letter, some stuff I asked, food and even Nutella (<3), they have had the good idea of sending me the original cards for the game of the werewolves, and a Jungle Speed ! We ended up playing until 4pm, as always, and went to bed after a very tiring day !

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