Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 49 & 50 : Class days and Macbeth

On Thursday evening, in the university theater, I've had the chance to attend a free performance of Macbeth by an international theatrical group. We went there with the other students of the I House and some Japanese friends.

Unfortunately... even if it was in English... I couldn't understand what was happening. Even if I could get the meaning of some sentences, the English the actors were using was so old and new to me that it was just as if I was listening to somebody talking in the Elf language. At first, I really thought it was a shame not to understand it, because I've been to London during 2 months before coming here... but when native English speakers from New Zealand and America told me they didn't understand everything, I felt a bit relieved ! Also, since Japanese people are often really bad at English, Japanese subtitles were displayed on a screen on both sides of the stage.

Apart from that, I've not done anything really interesting during those two days !

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