Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 51 : The beginning of a terrible sickness...

On this saturday, I woke up at 8 o'clock because I needed to take my bike to buy some concert tickets. The problem is that asI got out of my bed, I directly felt that I caught something bad... like a cold or something. The other problem is that I already ran short of the medicine I brought from France... Anyway, I took my bike and went to the closest Lawson combini to get my tickets.

Before coming back, I went shopping a littlebit and finally arrived in the I house to take some rest in my bed, doing my homeworks, hoping for a fast recovery... Unfortunately, I stayed in my bed all day long ! I was really too weak to do anything else ! I couldn't even go to the university doctor's office, because it is not opened during the week end. I thought I could cope with my sickness without doing anything, but it wasn't the case ! I asked some people if they could lend me some medicine, and finally ended up finding some painkillers from various countries. This let me feel a bit better until the night.

From 9 o'clock, we decided to play the game of the werewolves again. Since I felt better, I stayed and played with everybody. But I quickly began to feel bad again...

We finished playing around 3 o'clock, before all going to bed.

2 French game masters and a village full of international villagers and werewolves !

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