Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 53 & 54 : Class days and sickness

On Monday, I was still really sick... The medicine I took didn't help me a lot, even if it had let me sleep quite well.

Since Corentin was also sick, just like me (maybe we caught a French flu, who knows...), instead of going to class (it would have been impossible to keep concentrated and feel well in such a bad state), we decided to go to the medicine shop by bike. It is located just next to the shop we usually go to to buy food and stuff, so that's not really far from the I House. However, there, it was impossible to find something good for us : when I asked the employees about the molecule we needed or about the English name of the medicine we were looking for, they couldn't answer our questions ! Moreover, since all the medicine had only Japanese instructions and names, it was too risky to buy a random one and use it...

After that, we came back to the I House and decided to go to see the doctor to get some help, but it appeared it was only opened from 14h45 to 15h45...

After that, we just came back home to rest...

This day was absolutely horrible ! Thankfully, I received a parcel in the afternoon which "made my day", if I could say : it was the Polaroid (cheki) camera I ordered two days before on the Japanese Amazon ! It was only 40€, so it was a really great deal (even though the film are quite expensive... about 30€ for 50 pictures). Thanks to this, I'll be able to immortalize some great moments ! Who said I was a hipster ?

On Tuesday, I was even more sick than the day before... the problem is that I had to make an oral presentation about Thorium and Biochar as part of my evaluation for the Technology class (I had already finished my presentation about two weeks ago, but now I had to present it to the class). After some mail exchanges with the teacher, I decided to come to the class anyway not to postpone my presentation and disturb the class. Even if I think I shouldn't have done that, at least, it was done and I could "rest in peace".

In the end, I only missed 3 classes : two Japanese classes and the Management class of the Monday. I hate missing classes, since it means more work to do, and that it's always a real mess to get organized after that.

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