Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 55 : recovery, haircut and birds

On Wednesday, I finally began to feel better ! When I saw how neglected I've been during 4 days, I just wanted one thing : to clean my room. But laziness can sometimes be really cruel...

This is what happened to my room when I was sick... haha, depressing, deshô ?

Also, since I had been thinking about cutting my hair for about 2 weeks, I decided to ask Takuya, a Japanese friend who proposed me to accompagny me to a free hairdresser if I wanted to have a haircut, if he was available on that day. We decided to meet at 1pm and go there together.

Actually, if I knew free hairdressers existed, I would have gone there like 1 month ago ! Here, in Japan, it costs about 30€ to have a haircut (and this is the price for students, I'm not kidding !)..... and it's less expensive for women !

I went there with Takuya, showed a picture of me 2 months ago, and hoped I would look like it. Even if it was free, I've never seen such a finical and precise hairdresser ! She was focusing on every detail. The whole thing lasted 1h30, and I finally got out of the hair salon with a new haircut for nothing. Actually, it is not a free hair salon : It's only free for students if it's the only time you go there.

The card that shows my hair was cut for free.... yeah !
By the way, if you expect me to show you my new haircut, I swear you'll never see that !

Anyway, after that, I came back to the I House, because I had a lot of homeworks to do after having missed 2 class days. Also, for the next day, the people from my Japanese level had to learn 3 dialogues in Japanese for an oral test. To learn them, I put the CD in my computer and played the audio files while having a 2 hours long nap and cleaning my bedroom. It worked pretty well !

This IS heavy duty.

And this is my fridge, say "hello" !

At the end of the day, Corentin and I decided to compose some more songs for our band. We are going to do all we can to do a concert at the university before leaving !

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