Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 56 & 57 : Back to school, Karaoke and cheese

On Thursday, during my first Japanese class, it was time for me to have my first oral test ! While the other students were waiting outside of the class, I had to play the 3 dialogues with the teacher. I don't know what happened, but contrarily to the day before, I couldn't remember the second dialogue at all... Anyway, I got a 23/30, so it's not that bad !

After the course, during the break, we did our homeworks with Kathy and Tobi, under a really hot and shiny sun.

This guy is my best friend when I need to do homeworks at school !

In the afternoon, I went to my Economy class, as always, and finally went back home. I also couldn't resist taking a picture of the beautiful landscape we have from the classroom we were in !

And because it's impossible to predict what can happen in the I House, I suddenly decided to cook crêpes for everybody, with everybody's ingredients. After some researches, I've been able to borrow eggs, flour and milk from everybody and cook crêpes with Corentin. As always, they were soo good everybody ate them in a blink !

After we finished eating, another idea came from nowhere : Since it was "only" 11pm, why not going to Karaoke ?

With Corentin, Nathan (from England), Antti (from Finland) and Valerio (from Italy), we went to the Karaoke and sang songs until 2pm ! I love life in the I House for those kind of events ! The more unpredictable it is, the best it is !

On Friday, nothing in particular happened. I went to class in the morning and spent the rest of the day in the I House since I'm always free on Fridays during the afternoon.

As I had to meet a friend at 9o'clock at Kyoto Station the day after for a visit of Kyoto, I went to bed quite early to get well prepared !

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