Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 59 : Another Visual Kei concert in Osaka

It was finally the 27th of May ! This was it ! I was finally going to see 凛, one of my favourite Japanese bands ! I already saw them during the first event I went to after arriving in Japan, but this time, it was for a oneman live organised for their 2nd anniversary.

In the train to Osaka...

I left the I House at 3pm, arrived in Osaka around 4pm, and finally... got lost. Yes, it's the first time I was completely lost in Japan ! I had absolutely no clue about where I was and where I had to go ! I asked 3 different people for their help, but each time, they gave me a different information ! After some researches, I finally managed to find the live house. It was located in the 4th floor of a giant shopping mall, south of Osaka. 

A random unrelated picture of Osaka I took that day

As always, the live house was really small (about 200 people) though this time, contrarily to the 2 events I attended before, there were a lot more males than before. When somebody told me the majority of them were members from other bands of the same label of 凛, I was totally amazed ! Anyway, the concert was truly amazing, and it seems I finally managed to get used to the weird behaviour of Japanese fans during Visual Kei concerts. I even enjoyed doing some little choregraphies... but don't tell it to anybody !


  1. So cool! I came across your blog looking for visual kei/jrock places in Osaka and stuff (actually I don't know what I was googling for) because I am going to study Japanese in Osaka on Kansai Gaidai University next year. Awesome to see you did this in Kyoto! : D Seeing your photo's and reading your blog makes me even more excited to finally go to the country I love next year omg *-*

    1. Hey ! Thanks for your comment :) I'm so glad you can go there ! I don't know much about the university you're going to, but Osaka is such a nice city you'll fall in love with it no matter what ! Feel free to add me on Google+ or FB if you want some tips or just talk about it :p