Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 60 : Class, Kinkakuji, Pizzas and Karaoke once again...

2 months... This monday was my 60th day in Japan, which means I only have about two more months left to stay here... Quite a sad milestone, isn't it ?

As always, I went to class in the morning for a Japanese course, and for a Japanese management course in the afternoon.

After my class day was finished, I had to go to Kinkakuji (also known as the Golden Pavillion) with Alex, my friend from France, who was still in Kyoto at that time. We met at the Kitaoji subway station and walked until Kinkakuji (actually, I really didn't want to walk under such a shiny and hot sun, but anyway, I had no money to take the bus...).

Before coming to Japan, everytime I heard the word "Kyoto", the first thing that appeared all the time in my mind was that golden pavillion. Going there was really symbolic and very important for me.

As soon as I saw the Kinkakuji, I really felt a strange sensation.

This was it : for the first time since I arrived in Japan, I really realized that I was "really" in Japan. I mean, "REALLY"... Yes, it took me two months to realize it !

Kinkakuji, the return

After this short yet unique and moving visit, I told Alex he could come to the I House to visit where I was living and to see how my university looked like. Soon after, Corentin and Eriko joined us to play video games. We talked with each other about how live was in France, Japan and Korea. It was another really interesting conversation ! Because we were too lazy to cook something, we decided to order some pizza. Just like last time, it was really good !

Finally, we went to the karaoke, the perfect way to put an end to such an amazing day.

Looooooooooooooove iiiis foreeeeeeeeeeveeeeeeeeeeer ~

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