Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's show time !

Hello everybody !

As you may have noticed, I have now finished writing articles about each day since I arrived in Japan. I hope that it helped you see and understand approximately how my life was here, in Kyoto. However, I have to admit it must have not been a brilliant idea to decide to talk about each single day I spent here. Even if it can be interesting way to update a blog, my lifestyle here just can't let me have enough time to write something deep, moving and emotive and poetic everyday (and as you may have also seen, I've sometimes been really late updating my blog !).

This is why from now on, I will stop posting articles about what I'm doing here each day. Instead, I will try to post one or two articles per week about some facts I may judge interesting, or some toughts I would like to share with you about my stay in Kyoto.

In those articles, I may write about some stuff I already explained or talked about in previous articles. This is why this time, instead of just telling stuff factually, I will try to be more specific and precise about each topic.
Please, stay tuned !
Also, if you have something you want me to talk about, just ask me !!

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