Wednesday, July 11, 2012

TV advertising in Japan

This article is going to talk about something a littlebit random, but that disturbed me quite a lot : TV adverts in Japan.

Why did I suddenly choose to write an article about this ? The main reason is that I have to admit that I had never watched TV in Japan before last week. The second reason is that this has been a really disturbing experience !

Let me tell you my story : one month ago, some students of the I-House (including me) have been interviewed by people from a famous Japanese TV channel. The interview was in Japanese, and the host is actually really famous in the Kansai region (Osaka Kyoto Kobe and their surroundings). Obviously, we couldn't miss the broadcast of this interview ! This is why last week, we all went to watch the TV in the lobby of the first floor. At this time, I realised that I had not watched TV a single time since I arrived, a shame !

When we turned on the TV, the first thing we saw was adverts. Okay, this can happen everywhere on the globe (I guess), but what if I tell you that they happen every 10 minutes, and last for a total of 20 minutes every hour ? It's is just unbelievable. While waiting for the interview, we have been able to watch the daily news and a random TV program... and I really don't understand how it possible to put so many adverts in so little time ! Every five or ten minutes, the program was cut by ads. When I was in France, I thought that we had way too many ads between our programs, but here, hey have even more than us... DURING  a program ! It is just insane ! People in France would just stop watching TV!

Now that I have told you about TV ads in Japan in terms of quantity, let's talk about the ads themselves ! I wouldn't say that they differ a lot from what we have in France. For me, the main difference is that everything is exagerated as much as possible : Just as I said for ads in the streets in other articles, Japanese ads are really aggressive and powerful. Companies try to put as many information as possible and putting it forward with everything they can. Overreacting actors, sounds and colors, beautiful models (most of the time Korean), humour, catchy songs... They use everything for any kind of product.

To give you some examples, here's a video I found of a selection of the best ads in Japan ! 
(You see, those ads are so strange that there are even sites dedicated to them and making videos of them !)